Thursday, January 29, 2009

2009 Spring Trend Report – Look #1

Depression Chic – Is it really possible to still look fab this Spring with all the talk about the doom and gloom of the economy? Most certainly! Spring brings blossoming flowers and hopefully overflowing Prada wallets!

Many people are feeling the affects of the economic downturn and it’s understandable to have a few bad hair days, a couple of strangely assembled day-ensembles and even one run to the corner bodega in your pajama pants (only if you’re really desperate). But when you actually sit back and think, what do you have to complain about?

Things are hard but life is still GOOD and your style should reflect that! Now is not the time to throw out your “fashion ideas notebook”! Yes, every fashionista worth her grain of salt should have one…So, spruce up and go out looking your best. Show the world your “Depression Chic” style. Burberry Prorsum (top left), Bottega Veneta (top right) and Marc by marc Jacobs have all captured the look… now, so can you!


thanks for posting this piece on spring '09! i need SOMETHING to get me through this painful NYC winter!

*btw, enjoyed your quote in EBONY!



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