Monday, April 27, 2009

Everyday is Earth Day

On the heels of Earth Day, I want to remind you all that there are things we can do EVERYDAY to help protect Mother Earth. Fashionably speaking...keep your friends green with envy by sporting the latest, eco-friendly carryalls.

Not only reserved for carrying your produce from the local market, these trendy bags can also be the perfect gift for yourself or an equally fashionable, eco-conscious friend. Serving as an overnight bag or everyday satchel to store your books, bottled water, comfy flats, and snacks these classic carrier bags are at the top of my list. Kooba for Barney's Green collection ($245 - Barney's New York-above) and Beau Soiell's eco-tote (right- $59 available at are tres' chic.

Need a recessionisa option? I've got you covered on that too! Try Murval's "Once you go Green..." tote ($28 or how about another tote with a personal favorite "Nothing on me is Plastic" (See Below- $16 at WOW! Now that's making a statement!

With all these fabulous options, can you really imagine yourself not Going Green?


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