Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring is Blooming!

The new Monogram Roses Collection from Louis Vuitton, inspired by the late American Artist Stephen Sprouse, is now on sale at! The Fashion designer, artist and musician Stephen Sprouse (1953-2004) brought counterculture style to a broader American audience by merging gritty street graffiti with the glamour of high art thus melding pop culture with luxe design and the LV Monogram Roses Collection continues to do the same.

The 4 style collection ranges from $500 (Monogram Roses Accessories Pouchette - above) to $1700+. Like all fine art, the price of the Keepall 50 Roses bag (see left $1780.00 retail) yields a pretty hefty price tag but isn't it all worth it in the name of fashion?


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