Monday, May 11, 2009

Retail Recession

One of my favorite stores, Henri Bendel is making serious changes as reported by The NY Times. Thinking about the coveted Brown & White shopping bag this news is so sad I could only bear to quote the NY Times reporter.

"A venerable name in New York retailing, Henri Bendel, is planning to stop selling clothes this summer and focus on accessories and beauty products as it struggles to lure shoppers during a prolonged recession. Bendel’s flagship store at 712 Fifth Avenue will also give up one of its three floors, according to the company’s plans. Bendel, a division of Limited Brands, is changing its business model, from the department store that was founded in 1895 to a more mall-like chain selling Bendel-branded beauty and gift items, like an $18 box of tea in the company’s signature brown-and-white stripes. In a news release, the company positioned the changes as a measure for expanding the Henri Bendel brand. Six accessories-only stores are to open this year in shopping centers nationwide."

A Benel's representative was unavailable for comment and I am simply at a loss for words. The mall? Really?


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