Friday, July 6, 2012

Milk Really Does The Body Good

This idea of a fabric made from milk but feels like silk peaked my interest for sure. I mean, can you imagine wearing a milk dress? Well, first let me say, it looks absolutely nothing like Gaga's meat dress! See?

So, who's the woman behind this ingenious creation?

The name's Anke Domaske and she's a 28 year old microbiologist from Germany. So I've heard of getting your degree in one thing and doing something completely left field but my goodness...this takes the cake!

So how does it work? Well, this award winning designer spent two years working to create this fabric she calls Qmilch (a combo of the German word for milk and "quality") found a way to take sour milk that has been reduced to a protein power, heat it up and spin it into fabric. Amazing!

Now because of the fabric's price, it will be marketed as a luxury (of course) but hey...I'll be the first in line for the affordable version, maybe made from 2% milk just as soon as it hits stores!


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