Monday, September 17, 2012

HTC Radar - TechSTYLE

What's your phone preference? Are there any real differences? And most importantly, which is the most stylish?

Welcome all my fashionistas to the first edition of TechSTYLE! As the StyleMayvin, I find lots of stylish things and it's not always clothing shoes and accessories. In today's case, I've identifies a very stylish phone...the HTC Radar 4G!

When it arrived, one of the first things I took note of was the sleek design.

There's something about having a an all white's like wearing a crisp new white shirt. It's classic and trendy all at the same time.

I'm actually a iPhone user so it was really cool to experience the differences as well as the similarities. The social media apps differ in view a little but the HTC was very easy to adjust to. One of my favorite features was the voice to text option. I used it quite a bit during my 30 day review. Another cool option that enabled me to pull my fashion friends together in one group!

The "Groups" feature allowed me to easily text and email and even IM them all at once!

I love the design and the smooth feel of the phone.

This proved to be quite valuable since I tend to stay glued to my technology and the Microsoft Office docs capability made it all the more addictive!

I even watched the latest fashion shows on some of my favorite YouTube channels with picture perfect views!

Overall, I've certainly got a fashion crush on this phone and am seriously considering adding it to my arsenal of gadgets!


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