Monday, October 13, 2014

#PeeHappens - HealthSTYLE

Whenever I get an invite and the social medial hashtag is interesting...oh, let's say if it's something like #PeeHappens, I can't help but to be intrigued. Then when you add in mid day drinks...

...the opportunity to do a mini, old school work out reminiscent of an 80's Olivia Newton music video instructed by dance-aerobics diva Marilu Henner (yes, I'm now showing my age a tad)...well, the point is, I knew it would be a pretty interesting adventure with Always Discreet charting the course.
The PR team actually sent out a gift pack in advance of the event that included all the goodies you would need for an 80's inspired aerobics party from purple legwarmers to matching sweatbands for your head and wrist as well as a very nostalgic "scrunchy" to hold back your hair.

After enjoying my yummy Pop Rocks Martini and feeling like I had been teleported back to my childhood when I enjoyed the surprise of eating pop rocks but had no idea how great they pasted in a Martini... was time for a presentation of the product.

Many women have sensitive bladders and contrary to popular belief, they range in age from young to old. Since this is an issue that most don't want to or feel very uncomfortable discussing, I thought this was a perfect way to have the conversation in a fun and light way. Sensitive bladder aka Urinary Incontinence can be caused by anything from Pregnancy/Motherhood to Menopause. Since one of these things is obviously very common for women and the other is pretty much a right of passage when we age, its highly likely that you or someone you know will experience this problem and after seeing the demonstrations during the event, I feel armed and ready to be able to share my trust in the product without having physically trying it myself, with anyone who might need it. And, I can say that hey...if I ever needed it, Always Discreet would be the first brand I would turn to.

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