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"Crowbar" #artSTYLE

By Artist and Poet: T. Reid-Strong | Ancestral Wisdom 2.0 | Inspired by Newarkers Bill and Hannah, once enslaved, freed themselves -- together -- on April 24, 1802; running... toward their destiny and away from nothing. 16x20 Acrylic Painting  Bill - English name, diminutive of William meaning “resolute (purposeful) protection” Re-imagined Name - Eleojo: An Igala name meaning “gift from God”. Igala is an ethnic group in Nigeria. Hannah  - Hannah is one of the most common palindrome (reads the same backward as forward) names in the world. It is a Hebrew word for 'grace' or 'favor' Re-imagined Name - Hanaa:  Meaning Happiness (Swahili, East Africa) - Derived from Hebrew hannāh (gracious), Hannah was the mother of the prophet Samuel in the Old Testament.  "Whatever the name, I Am the same." She embodies God’s favor His happiness — grace personified Void of question, only truth in her eyes; ne’er colonized He was her gift from God Her devote, resolute protection

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