Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tress-Less - BeautySTYLE

Tress-Less… A Go-To Guide for Spring Hair Removal
By: Joy Randall

Spring is officially here and its time to shed that winter fur! Some beauties are blessed to not have a lot of body hair. Well, I didn’t get that blessing in my box. And luckily for you, I’ve tried them all! Just about every way to remove hair, I’ve tried. So here’s a quick breakdown in hair removal techniques. Hopefully my trial and error can help you make the best decision for you. 

Epilating Creams: You know? Nair? Neet? You slather it on and stand in some awkward position for about 10 minutes (which can seem like an eternity depending on where you put it). Oh, and let’s not forget that lovely fragrance (insert sarcasm)! And hopefully you got enough on and in the right place because God forbid you have to go through the process again! 9 times out of 10 you will end up using a razor anyway to detail. But I definitely think these are good for the sloughing of fur. Meaning, when you wanna just get rid of everything, and you’ve got some time to get ready. Cover your whole body in it and get er’ done! 

Electric Razor: They get it gone, but not baby’s butt smooth. I do like this for the bikini area. Depending on how you like it down there. If you’re ok with just a little or more, this is great for grooming. But you will end up with a little stubble. Added benefit is less skin irritation.

Regular Razor: Closest shave and least expensive. Can definitely give you that “baby’s butt” smooth feeling! But it may come back tomorrow and it’ll probably be a little itchy, May get some razor burn too. Hair texture can be a factor here as well. Coarser hair textures (like mine) can be prone to "in-growns", so you may want to grab an exfoliator as well.  Regular razors can be used just about anywhere (under arm, bikini, face, legs). Just make sure the skin is moist and warm and have a good body wash or shaving cream as well. 

Tweezing: Got some stragglers? Here’s your go to tool. Great for detailing too! In your brows or anywhere else you would never want to admit you found a hair. But be careful of over tweezing. Tweezing can actually stimulate the hair follicle and cause the hair to grow back stronger and harder (Yup, that’s why that one hair ALWAYS shows up!). Being hairy is bad enough… no one wants to deal with “angry and aggressive” hairs too.

Threading: Can definitely give you a smooth finish that lasts a couple weeks. Note that it is not the best feeling in the world though. Threading, takes off hair by rows, so be careful. If you are growing out brows, they can be risky business with threading. In my experience as well, the thread can create a cutting or burning sensation as well. So be vocal if the person doing it is being too aggressive. I think threading is great for facial hair removal.

Waxing: Waxing, when it’s done right can be smooth and long lasting. However, it is high risk hair removal for a few reasons. Sanitation, making sure no one is double dipping and using dirty tools and products can be hard to keep tabs on. People also tend to have more sensitivity with waxing. It’s common to have breakouts after and in some cases, people have even had skin pulled off. Day spas and waxing studios tend to be safer options than nail and hair salons. Only because, they have people who specifically offer the service and take special care of keeping things sanitized.

Laser: Can get pricey. But it’s starting to be more attainable with places offering memberships and packages. Laser is ideal for all areas and works on shrinking hair follicles over time as well as even out skin tone. It can be a little painful. Different facilities offer ice packs and numbing creams. Be careful with your tattoos too! The laser can take away pigment in custom creations. I did have it done “Brazilian” at one point… let’s just say, I didn’t finish my treatments. #Ouch #WasntCommittedToTheProcess

Electrolysis: Slow and Steady wins the race. Definitely be ready to invest! Not easily found and takes time. They basically take a small, needle point laser and go into each follicle to destroy the root in the proper growth phase. Still hurts, but you get used to it. Over time, this can create permanent hair removal. But it can take over a year to complete the process. I’ve been going for about a year now and things have cleared up so well! If you are self conscious and really want a change, this is the move. 

Hope these tips help turn you into smooth criminals this Spring! And we’ll leave the fur to the cute baby animals. Until next time… keep it cute and classy! 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Summer Slides

As Spring continues to elude us here in the Northeast, I still find ways to remind myself that warmer weather is in fact coming...soon. With that thought in mind, it brings me to one of my favorite subjects! SHOES! Although I recently posted on Spring Shoes, I said to myself, why not talk Summer Shoes...or at least start with the "Summer Slide".

I remember in the early 2000's I absolutely LOVED Old Navy flip flops. Seriously, I had them in every single color from pain to bejeweled not only because they were so inexpensive but also because I could match any look while I walked in to work (without heels) from the train. They totally saved my feet...with the exception of the NYC street grime that ended up on the bottom of my feet by the end of the day but that's another story.

My newest obsession which hit me last December just before headed to the Dominican Republic for my birthday is this style..."The Slide"

Of course it's not a new style but the one thing I can say about all of the designers I love is that they really know how to make old seem new. Just a few adjustments, add a trend adornment or two and change the color to something chic and timeless and voila!

Looking for a fabulous slide to sport this summer? Check out these suggestions...

Isabel Marant Embellished Lenny Slides 

Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed Printed Leather Sandal

 Miu Miu Bejeweled Slides

 Prada Linea Rosa Metallic Slides

Vince Olivia Snake Embossed Leather Slide Sandal

Monday, March 23, 2015

Prom 2015 Giveaway!

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a fashion show featuring looks by PromGirl.com and since it's prom season, the timing was perfect. 

Here are a couple of classic looks from the show I loved.

And... just in time for the opening of the much anticipated film Cinderella Forever Enchanted, princesses of all walks of life will be excited to learn that they can now have a ball gown just like the one worn by Cinderella in the movie. Here's the one that walked in the show...

...here's the dress YOU can own from PromGirl.com

My readers know that my favorite color is blue so yes, I love the Cinderella Dress but this is the one if I were a teenage girl, I would want. It's fantasy, chic-ness and classic all rolled into one.

Now...because I LOVE doing anything I can to make a young girls day brighter. I have in my possession (thanks to promgirl.com), a gift card to PROMGIRL.COM for one special young lady! In addition to the gift card that can be used to help purchase the dress of your dreams, I will also gift the winner with a gift bag filled with all the essentials she will need to create the perfect princess make up look courtesy of WetNWild. So, how can you win? All you need to do is share a pic of your Dream Dress on Instagram or Twitter with a link to this post, tag "@stylemayvin" and include the hashtag #MyStyleMayvinProm (Be sure to spell it correctly so I can find you) and just like that you're entered! The *giveaway starts today March 23, 2015 and will end at midnight on March 30, 2015. That's exactly one week from today! GOOD LUCK TO ALL and Happy Prom Day ladies! 

*Limited to U.S. Residents only

Shanghai Tang Spring 2015

Chinese fashion brand Shanghai Tang founded in 1994 by Hong Kong businessman David Tang, attempts to remind us that sunny days are just around the corner with its spring/summer 2015 campaign photographed in Capri, Italy. And what better place to shoot?

This is a new introduction to the brand for me and I LOVE it...especially the bright colors! Mr Tang stated that Shanghai Tang is a Chinese label that was established to rejuvenate Chinese fashion of the 1920's and 1930's. Take a look at the campaign...I think you'll love it too!

Looks For Coachella 2015

Sabo Skirt, clothing and lifestyle brand, has captured the coolest fashion forward girls. With over one million instagram followers they have created a brand that encompasses the lifestyle of THE fashion it girl. The brand has developed a cult following for their destination pieces, as the largest consumers from across the globe are located in California, home of the music festival, Coachella

Coachella is THE music festival for all fashion enthusiasts, this is your chance to release your summer style. This festival acts as a fashion forward Fashion Week for Summer 2015. What is worn at Coachella will set the stage for this summer's fashion trends, which means Sabo Skirt is on trend for Summer 2015 with the release of their Coachella Collection. Now who's going to Coachella? If you are...here are a few of my favorite looks from Sabo Skirt.

Sabo Skirt is a versatile fashion brand with clothing for every occasion, and this now includes music festivals. Inspired by Aztec designs, fringe and crochet patterns, the Sabo Skirt Coachella collection is a fashion forward collection with music festival vibes. #IMSOLD.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Shoes We Love

That's right! You guessed it! If you were thinking that platform sandals and wedges would be the "it shoe" of the spring season, you are one hundred percent correct! Originated in ancient Greece, platform shoes have been around for a long while. Changing in style from the 70's to the 90's and now making their way back to the forefront again, these three just may be my absolute favs.

Derek Lam Elwyn Leather Wedge Loafer Mules

ELLERY Fall 2015 Presentation

This past Saturday, the Fall 2015 collection of E L L E R Y was presented at Kenso House in Paris. If you are not familiar with this brand, it's high time I introduce you.

The contorted nudes of Egon Schiele’s expressionistic paintings were the starting point for the  
E L L E R Y Fall’15 collection.The artist’s subjects, both voluminous and shrunken, twisted and asymmetrical as well as sharp and soft, act as muse. The result; an artful collection. Restraint is shown in the silhouette this season, allowing the intricate fabrications to be showcased.

Side note: Since I'm all about the 70's look this year, this was definitely a favorite!
Texture is rife with a dynamic mix of suede, brocades, silk wool, appliqu├ęd lace and metallic fringing whilst a steady focus on tailoring steers E L L E R Y into new territory. Classic tux pants, crisp shirting and blazers are in balance with draped elongated dresses, wrap column skirts, shell top dresses and peplum jackets. Coats are in focus with all-engulfing pods, slim classics and the trench coat; both nonchalantly slouchy and stiffly architectural.
Fall’15 is decidedly modern. It merges the past indefinably as a piece of the future whilst still being so very perfect for the now.

Stylist . Bridie Gilbert 
Hair . Romina Manenti 
Make-up . Tiina Roivainen