Friday, April 20, 2012

StylePick April 2012

StylePick is a little something new that just came to me the other day and I thought it would be cool to see what my readers think about certain fashion items I love...and so I may not love so much but now I want you to "pick"!

Yes...I do realize they are all very different shoes and no, it wont be shoes every time (although I am addicted to them), however if you could have just one...which would it be?

Vivier Fetes Prismick Collection


Jason Wu

Photo Credit: Footwear News (

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sneaker Wars!

Slightly baffled and confused on how two very similar shoes turned up during my search for Spring "sneaker wedges", I think the jury may still be out on which will be the fashion world's favorite. What do you think?

(In my Michael Buffer voice) "On the left side of the ring, we have the Calf Dorada Sneaker Wedge from MARC by Marc Jacobs" ($320), and in the right corner we have Napoles Wedge Sneaker by Jeffrey Campbell ($200)."

The similaraties simply cannot be denied! There's a leak in someones camp, no?

Who do you think takes home the title?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Step Into Spring

The weather is just right for shopping and for showing off beautifully manicured toes!

As my readers know, I love love love shoes, so here's a look at a few of the more creative styles that recently caught my eye. Enjoy!

Brian Atwood
Aliyza Embroidered Platform Slingback

Ruthie Davis
Cutout-Heel Pointed-Toe Pump

Nicholas Kirkwood
Scribble-Flower Colorblock Sandal

Cutout Platform Sandal

Giuseppe Zanotti
No Heel Crystal-Studded Sandal

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