Friday, August 29, 2008


Pierre Hardy…Heard the name?

This designer’s shoes are truly a work of art and not meant for the subdued footwear consumer. You really have to “step up your game” figuratively, literally AND financially to “step out” in this vibrantly bold heel, fashioned for this year’s Fall/Winter season. Although the look may not fancy ALL fashion aficionados, if they’re worn on the red carpet or to whatever event a confident trendsetter chooses, they’ll unquestionably be the most memorable topic of discussion. This extravagant creation by fashion-favorite Pierre Hardy certainly caught my eye but with no price listed ( and selling their softer, muted nonetheless intriguing collections for upwards of $1000, I can only imagine the price tag for this stunner.

This should give you an idea…The only store listed for purchase of this shoe is the Pierre Hardy store located in Paris at:
156, galerie de Valois
Jardins du Palis Royal – 75001 Paris
T/F 33 (0) 1 42 60 59 75


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