Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Fashion Guide Finale!

For the month of September we’ve covered Fall Fashions by introducing you to “Country Chic”, showing you how to “Accentuate the Curves” and exploring the best ways to “Keep it Simple” but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t reveal (with my secret x-ray vision) a couple of fashion’s “oddities”. Some call it couture; some call it out-right, strange but for all my "Super She-ros" and comic book enthusiasts…here goes!

Antonio Berardi gives us a new appreciation for the “Caped Crusader” (pictured above), while Fendi (below-white) and Iceberg(below-black) (yes...Iceberg is still shocking us all with beautiful non-denim designs) puts their spin on the always popular Black and White silhouettes (reference “Keep it Simple” Week 3). Not too outlandish but not quite "simple" either, these are outfits I would love to wear almost any day of the week and I'm not just talking costume parties either! Well... maybe a little tweaking here and there would be necessary to alter it just a bit but either way, I believe there's a Super Woman secretly living in us all!

Stay tuned!... There's always more, FABULOUS fashion coming your way each week! Ciao!


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