Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall Fashion Guide Week 2

Accentuate the Curves

The newest fall fashions are bringing back the waistline in a very powerful way. There once was a time, long, long ago in fairy land where women wore corsets to create an hour glass figure. Not quite the most comfortable look, it faded away along with Petticoats. Over the past few years that idea returned by way of a more breathable concept, the wide belt. As much as we loved them and still wear them on occasion, so as not to create the Tyra overkill/overuse syndrome, we now see some of fashion’s hottest designers taking it one step further by creating another of my favorite looks for the fall season…The synched waist!

As always, this look is not for everyone. Sporting muffin tops which literally hang over the “synched area” is not a good idea however, bringing it all together in a flattering, powerful way can boost the self esteem of any woman and give her that “Go-Getter” attitude that even Scarlet O’Hara would admire.

Above photo: Versace


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