Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Lady of Fashion

My, how the times do change…but some things, like the respect we share for our United States First Ladies remain the same. From fashion to careers before the white house, our past and currently-elected first ladies have shown us all the power of a finely dressed woman.

Looking back over the last three decades…

Beginning with Nancy Davis Reagan (above) in the 80’s who seemed to have the ability to accessorize just enough without overpowering “the look”…maybe a trick she learned in her younger days as an actress, to Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 90’s who definitely did and still does believe in the power of the proverbial “power suit”…especially in whatever color makes her feel happiest. She balanced family, law and public service with such grace and candor that she commands the respect of all women who continually strive to live life to the fullest.

Now we can, with all sincerity and hope, look on as the change of the 21st continues. It started with Laura Welch Bush and now transitioning into First Lady Elect Michelle Robinson Obama, we see her always put together and sophisticated style with the elegance and flare of a woman who is sure of herself in whatever ensemble she wears. A great combination of fashion forward and fashion conscious, Michelle; the career lawyer, wife and mother, follows in the path of the first ladies before her. Epitomizing the ability of a woman’s strength to remain posed when juggling family and career, all the while, standing alongside the man with the most important job in America. Doing it all… wearing everything from J Crew to her favorite Chicago-based designer Maria Pinto.


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