Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looking back…

As the year closes, I'm looking forward to a new season of tv shows! One in particular gets my fashion juices flowing the minute I see "the body", Heidi Klum's legs cross the screen.

I’m a SUPER fan of Bravo's Project Runway so let's reminisce about Season 5. These three looks were my favorite final collection showings at Fashion Week . Leanne’s take on the pleated skirt with bustier top (above left), Korto’s emerald evening gown (above right) and Kenly’s retro dressy number (below).

To bring it back to your closet…if you didn’t have at least 5 of these in "style rotation" this year, WHO ARE YOU? Seriously, scarves have made the biggest come back over the past year since the 90’s. Even some of the Rap Industry's finest are wearing them. Remember wearing the short Jackie O style as a headband or around your neck in a single knot with a crisp, white collar shirt? No longer simply a way to keep warm on a brisk day...Now check us out! Who wears it best? Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff or Jennifer Aniston? Jenny gets my vote!


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