Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sales! Sales! Sales!

Here’s my 3-step, “how to” guide on keeping the designer exuberance for much less than the usual high ticket while you’re out shopping this holiday season.

1. Seek out the sales! Including sample sales for those with the ability to spend a little more.
2. Don’t impulse buy…do your research on line and in stores before you make your purchase, especially if you already know the exact item you want for that special someone.
3. Have a positive attitude and remember that Christmas is more about the act of giving than the price tag your gift holds. Think unique, not costly and adding a little extra love will make your gift priceless.

Two of my many favorite gift ideas that will keep you warm this winter are by Juicy Couture. Knit gloves (above) with a medallion chain accent OR for the kid in you…pom pom mittens! (right) Both priced for under $40

Happy Holidays!


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