Spring Trend Report 2009 - Look # 3

Moroccan Express:
Turbans on the runway? (See top left: Paul Smith) Definitely a different look for the season but embracing culture to be expressed in the way we dress is what fashion is all about. The comfort of the loose fitting, flowing clothing of this particular style trend makes it one of my favorites. I mean, who knew a Djellaba {pronounced jellāb(a)} could hold such a majestic presence on the runway as well as for an elegant evening out on the town? Apparently the designers at Gucci did (top right) and the color simply screams glamour.

Lacoste (above) is a major player in look # 3 as well. Shall we all stand and applaud for the return of the jumpsuit/pantsuit? (Tomato/Tomota) YOU BETCHA! Just remember, not everyone can pull this one off and PLEASE… by all means, if you’re going for a virgin-esk, all-white look this spring, be sure to the wear proper undergarments! There’s nothing worse than displaying your panty lines for the world to see…well maybe the double whammy – colors or prints showing through AND the textural bulge…SO NOT HOT for any season!


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