Sunday, March 22, 2009


On March 18 “Valentino-The Last Emperor” opened in select cities. This documentary of fashion designer/icon Valentino's life is as The New York Times raves, “a must see for fashion lovers and pop-culture addicts.” Most if not all of my readers fit in this "fashion lovers" category. True lovers of fashion revere Valentino as the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) and to his credit; there will never be another like him. The attention he gives to the design of women’s couture dresses has and will most likely never be surpassed by any. Just ask the celebs who have been so honored to wear an original Valentino design; Oprah, Julia Roberts, Jackie Kennedy, Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez. His retirement from the industry will surely leave us all wanting more but in his words “Finito is finito. I want to leave the room while it is still crowded.”.Respect and Admiration due to Valentino Garavani.
Film opens on March 27 in selected cities Nationwide.

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