Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fabulous Rainwear

The entire East Coast seems to be plagued by the bad weather blues. Wasn't the first day of Spring over a week ago? Sheesh! Well, for those of you who refuse to give in to the usual "funk" this type of weather brings after months of enduring Winter's blistering winds, pick up a couple of Fabulous Rainwear items to brighten up your day! can do it all on a budget, the "Recessionista" way.

Lands End is a great place to start. The classic storm slicker/rain coat available in a number of fun colors and patterns from sells for only $59.50 and the Wellie Boots, another great buy at $44.50. But don't forget the umbrella. Try to make today at least an "OK" hair day! Totes to the rescue! The $18.00 Fashion Umbrella by Totes can be a great addition to your Rainwear ensemble. ( Watch out for TOO MANY exciting new prints though. Even in bad weather, fashion rules still apply!


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