Friday, May 1, 2009

Pandemic Fashion?

You all know that the Style Mayvin LOVES fashion but designer face masks aimed at protecting us from Swine Flu? Hmmmm.

Reportedly, Louis Vuitton is offering a face mask in the trademark LV print made of Italian leather, Egyptian cotton and the finest Kentucky charcoal. Sounds hot...literally. Also reportedly, (I continue to use that word since I myself have yet to physically see this) there are apparently imitation knock offs that have already begun to circulate in China Town...go figure.

And...this is all so new that I don't even have a real photo people! This one (above) pulled from is clearly photoshop-ed so I guess I'm not the only one. Should this be the new rave - fashionable, surgical face masks - which are also reportedly (there goes that word again) being offered by Donna Karen, Calvin Klein and even Prada, I can't wait to see the price tag!


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