Friday, December 18, 2009

OMG! I NEED that!

You know that item that causes you to squeal with delight when you see it for the first time and you're like "OMG, I need that!"? Well here's my list of those "things" which have made me say just that...and I have a sneaky feeling that you too will begin to "coin the phrase".

With so many new gadgets out there, especially for the technology advanced, savvy woman like myself this is one that is invaluable in cold weather. The Echo Touch Glove will be your best friend when you're out in the cold. It's a "must-have" when you need your gloves on but still want to communicate using your touch screen phone. or ipod. These babies will keep your fingers toasty in a wool cashmere blend and the electromagnetic fabric on the fingertips keep you from missing calls, emails and text messages. AND...if you place your order TODAY at, you can receive them just in time for Christmas!

Since there will be a lot of merry-making during the next few days leading up to Christmas, I just know there will be that ooone laaast bottle of red wine left unfinished. In that case, before you store it away for the next day of jolly-jumping and celebratory- connecting, be sure to put a plug in it! Why not Style your wine with an Initial Wine Bottle Stopper? This item is super cute and inexpensive. Only $18 at If you're attending a party, this is also a great gift to accompany a bottle of wine for the Hostess with the Mostess! Maybe even spell out the hosts' name if it's something short like "Kori" but arriving with "Merry Christmas" spelled out might get you a one way ticket to an AA meeting.

Now this last one REALLY made me squeal because I am all about protecting my feet and although fashion is sometimes painful, I will avoid subjecting my feet to this pain at any cost. FootzyRolls just might be the best item ever made! See what I mean at Their tag line, "From Stilettos to Street Walkable Flats..." should have every woman reading this post saying...(let's all shout it out together) "OMG, I NEED that!" Not only are they small enough to fit in your smallest clutch bag, they are also stylish! The sparkly gold pair is my favorite (of course) but for a mere $25, you can afford to splurge on a variety of colors.


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