Friday, January 8, 2010

60's Glam

This year...I've decided that I need to really expand upon the contents of my jewelry box. Not in a terribly glitzy way, unless of course I'm able to get my hands on a nice new canary diamond and I am actually in need of new diamond studs (hint, hint) but the main focus for now is trendy, chic little trinkets.

This was one of my first "pick's" and it totally fits the bill...a vintage style drawer tag, engraved "miscellaneous" with vintage optical lens and crystal chain detail (whew, that was a descriptive mouthful!). This 60's style 42" chain is available at for $123
If you would like to vamp up your accessories collection, stay tuned! I have a great giveaway contest for an item you'll love coming soon....


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