Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Green Style

Who's going green? It seems everyone! And it's such a wonderful thing to see people becoming more aware of the things we all should do to help protect Mother Earth. Replacing light bulbs, purchasing reusable bags for your groceries and eating better are all great things to do but there are even more ways we can support Green efforts, stylish ways even!
Since we won't be turning back the hands of time to the days of Bible geneogogy when people wore sackcloth and cuddled their babies in swaddling clothes, here's the next best thing! has a collection of fashionable styles for Women, Men, kids and pets. This organic, cotton and spandex skirt ($60) is quite a looker! The Toggery Nikki Skirt's high waist and short length is effective at showing off one of my best legs!

I'm certainly a new fan of the site not only because of the fashion and shoe collection but also because the "green-ness" (if that's a word...) of each item is indicated by the use of various icons. This faux Suede shoe (Cri de Coeur Savanna - $274) has a man made heel and is shown online with the company's icon indicating that it's a "vegan" item. Other icon indications for fashion items as well as the Gifts and Beauty & Wellness products include "recycled, organic, handmade, natural and not tested on animals".
I'm a far cry from being called a Green Consumer but I do what I can, when I can. Think Green! Shop Green!


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