Sunday, January 3, 2010

One of a kind (Product Review)

The terms "tailor made" and "custom fit" are synonymous with luxury and prestige. With that thought in mind, here's an item so important that it is trusted to carry all of your personal, most prized possessions like your make up bag, Drivers License, new Gucci shades and keys to your brand new automobile... Well at the very least, the vehicle that gets your from point A to B ... the carryall Handbag!

Introducing my newest favorite indulgence...Miss Pretty Perfect Handbags. If for no other reason than the ability to posses a stylish one of a kind item, visit

The "Amelia" bag (pictured above) which I have lovingly renamed "Mine" is unique, chic and one of the best over the shoulder bags I've ever owned! Thank You Miss Pretty Perfect!


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