Friday, February 5, 2010

A Gent's Valentine's Day Wish...

Ladies, are you still contemplating about what to get for your Gent for Valentine's Day? Well, worry no more! My stylishly chic, fellow Blogger and friends at Unrefinery are here to put us on the right path. Apparently, this holiday is not just for women... men should receive Valentine's Day gifts too. Who knew?

Gents know that you want to buy us something cozy for Valentine's, and we want something we can really use, so let's deal. Most guys really have trouble navigating the casual-but-still-trying middle ground between workwear and Saturday morning, which explains the epic FAIL of most Casual Friday attire. So you can't go wrong with a nice shawl collar cardigan sweater, which reads sort of like an unconstructed blazer. This same magical garment can dress up a t-shirt to punch up weekend casual, or dress down a button-down shirt and even a tie as a jacket replacement. Get him a nice soft one, and make sure he leaves that bottom button undone!
Pictured: Ralph Lauren - Cotton Belted Shawl Cardigan - $395
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