Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring 2010 Colors

There are so many soft and beautiful colors you should look out for this Spring! Corals, blues, yellows and reds....oh the return of color! It's all just in time to bring us all out of the Winter Funk. I don't know about you but the continual lack of sunlight, snow that keeps piling up and winds that just won't quit have been a total bummer to me. I truly welcome this springy blast of color. Here are my favorites!

I am completely and totally in love with Blue. It is my favorite color and this Turquoise (Pantone 15-5519) color reminds me of the Caribbean. I'm feeling the need to book a flight right now!

Keeping myself beautifully tanned in the summer is the best and this color is perfect for bronze tinted skin. I love this Fusion Coral (Pantone 16-
1543) Look out for the way Tracey Reese uses this color in her collection.

Violet (Pantone 16-3320) continues to make me smile! It's another great color for Spring 2010 and you always need a red. There's no denying that the Tomato Puree (Pantone 18-1661) is absolutely beautiful and the Rebecca Taylor sketch of the one-shoulder jumpsuit is simply the best! It's a combination to two of my favorite style trends in a eye-catching color. I'll take it!

For a complete look at all of the fabulous Spring 2010 colors, check out Pantone.


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