Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bangin Bangles

In the 80's, gold bangles were definitely a trend (Jingling Baby) but personally, I don't think they ever really went out of style. I've had wooden bangles, plastic bangles, gold bangles, silver bangles and the list goes on and on. Although maybe it's not my accessory of choice for a board meeting, I love the sound they make...just one more way to let your stylish presence be seen AND heard!

Yochi's crystal studded, gold plated bangles make a bold statement and add a luxurious feel as the sun catches a glimmer of "bling". Or...go with this season's accessory color trend and choose the Yochi gold plated bangle set in white.
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What is the source for those cuffs you showed on this morning's news? I've been wanting a pair for my daughter. She has a blog in Miami Beach called SouthBeachhookup (not what it sounds like - really a concierge servce). You mentioned the cuff source so quickly that I didn't catch the name. Didn't see on the Fox website but will look more carefully. Nice website! Will check in regularly.

The bracelets featured on FOX News rising today (2/14/11) are by Bella Originals! See

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