Thursday, April 29, 2010

Precious Cargos

Realizing that everything seems to make it's way back around every couple of decades with an added twist makes me wonder just how many of my old personal styles I will see this year. Skinny leg cargo pants are back in "denim form" and what's the hottest colorway? Faded black. Everyone from Rihanna and Hilary Duff, to Khloe Kardashian and Ciara loves the style.

Wanna get this look? Try Taverniti So Jeans ($131) at or my favorite J Brand, "Houlihan" Cargo Skinny pants ($230) available at Bloomingdales. Now if you don't want to spend a lot but you want to "revive" an old pair, find a skilled tailor and see if they can turn your old pair into a shinny new pair by tapering the leg and any other areas so they fit you like a glove.


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