Monday, May 3, 2010

Derby Style

The Kentucky Derby is probably the most famous 3 minutes in sports and Derby Style is always sure to please. Oh the excitement! I am a HUGE fan of big, beautiful hats and as I have decided that the older I get, the bigger my hat should be.

Here's one that Paris Hilton considered while out shopping for the "Hottest Hat" and actually I would have personally loved to wear. The feather is too cute...Not too much but just enough to make a statement.

Rebecca Romijn wore classic white from head to toe this year. Her hat reminds me of a true Southern Belle. For this photo she was smart enough to have Jerry O'Connell positioned on the side where her hat dips down, cause I'm telling you from experience, it's hard to take a couples picture in one of these without poking the other person.

Smoky Robinson and his date wearing a matching color combo was elegant and surprising not overdone. I usually don't like to see couples all "matchy-matchy" but these two totally got it right! Reminds me of my parents...Classy!
The 136th annual Kentucky Derby brought out the most fabulous hats, styles and believe me when I tell ya, it wasn't just the celebrities making a statement. Attendees seem to step it up a notch every year. If you haven't been before or even if you have and you're thinking about attending in 2011, start preparing now! My motto for my hat selection is, GO BIG or STAY HOME!


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