Friday, May 14, 2010

In the Nude

All of my readers know that I go "gaga" for shoes. When I went out shopping a few weeks ago looking for nothing in particular but simply taking it all in, I came across these stunning Michael Kors nude pumps and I thought, what better way to end a perfect shopping trip than to "Go Nude"? I love them SO MUCH because they look even more fantastic on AND they were ON SALE! My favorite part of the design is the platform and the patent, nude stripe accents on the cork heel. Mr. Kors, you are genius if I've ever seen it!

Now for all of my more petite readers or those who want the illusion of a lean, statuesque woman, this is the perfect shoe color and style for you. Not only do they coordinate with anything in your closet, the color will totally make your legs appear longer and leaner. Go as close as possible to your actual skin tone and your lovely limbs will seem endless...legs for days! Trust me ladies...nude pumps are the "new black" essential pumps. It's a must-have shoe!


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