Monday, June 21, 2010

Creating Your Own Shade

I LOVE hats. Cowboy hats, straw hats, fedoras, page boys, hats with feathers, fitted caps, you name it...I'll wear it. To me, hats give me a totally different attitude. A big floppy hat makes me feel girl, a fedora might add a little swagger to my T.Strong sass and a cowboy hat makes me feel "cool as a fan". So here are a few "must have" styles for summer and it's the best way to create your own shade!

The Solid Cowboy raffia hat is a style you can't go wrong with if you're confident enough to wear it. Available at David and Young for $39.99 and also comes in Black.
This fedora by Christy's of London ($48) is available at Searle NYC and the attitude the model in the photo is giving is EXACTLY how I feel when I'm sporting my fedora. This is hands down my favorite style of hat! Move over men...ladies look just as dapper in a fedora as you do!

Really want to throw some serious shade? This dark brown, floppy, straw hat ($29.50) from The Gap is PERFECT for doing just that! Great for the beach or to simply spice up your new maxi dress for a day out with the girls. You can't go wrong with this style. Throw on a pair of sunglasses and off you go!


The fedora is always a good look which reminds me I need another one. Thanks for keeping me in the know.

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