Thursday, July 8, 2010

Franck Sorbier - Haute Couture

As the 3 days of Paris' Haute Couture Collections come to a close, this designer caught my eye. Most couture shows are filled with, sequins, rhinestones and over the top glitter but Sorbier showed in a very small hall which happened to be lent to him by Sotherby's auction house and wasn't the big-budget production like so many others yet, didn't seem to be lacking in any area.

The show included, as expressed by Jenny Barchfield - Associated Press writer, "A bustier in papier mache from old newspaper clippings had faux nipples made from wine corks. A baroque mirror with an ornate gilded frame was strapped to the model's chest, like a bustier. Woven raffia in saturated jewel tones became a ravishing, African-themed sheath dress. A Plane Indian coat in leather hung with dangling fringe was paired with a ballerina's skirt worn low around the model's ankle." I know...sounds tres' chic right? well, through all the excitement and creativity, Sorbier sent a message to all in attendance...deep pockets is not the only recipe for admiration and desire.


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