Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Beautiful People

Today, I am so happy and peaceful (can't you tell from my photo? LOL) that I wanted to sincerely THANK all of my readers, followers and supporters. I didn't have a particular "fashion focus" to share today but I just couldn't keep my mouth shut...and for those who know me, you know that silence is so not what I do. *smile*

So, with that said, I am grateful to have found the fashion team of my dreams, "The Beautiful People" Team in Joy Randall, Ezekiel Cheney and Johnatha Camp. The event we hosted this past Thursday was a HUGE success (YAAAAY US!) and I never could have done it without them. *Huge Smooches*

To me, fashion is more than just clothing in a store, beautifully designed shoes on my feet, the baubles in my ears or the designer shades I look is and always has been "my life". Simply put, it is very near the air I breathe and I have enjoyed the love affair we have shared since my tender age of 8 years old. Yes, the culture of fashion and the sight of haute' couture is at times, what keeps me going and often what makes me tick! I started StyleMayvin as a way to share my thoughts on fashion with the world and it has and continues to bring me tons of joy. Following the success of The Beautiful People Event I can honestly say as my BFF often does, I am now refreshed, rekindled and renewed! Watch out world...I'm wearing my floor length, Grecian, Calvin Klein gown and I'm not coming, I'm HERE!

Stay In the KNOW...with StyleMayvin. More good things are happening. An awesome giveaway from iMpact Cosmetics is coming soon!!!

To see coverage of the event, log on to
A very special thanks to Chima Brazilian Steakhouse, Jones Magazine, Photographer Kevin Douglas, all of the fabulous hostesses, Sparrow Boutique, Lavish Hair Spa, Ethan & Zoey, Bella Ropa, Charlotte Seen, Varji & Varji, the massage team, Flawless Makeup Art team, Londyn Pe', Cloud 9 and JSW Media.


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