Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Temple St Clair and Target

The fine jewelry designer Temple St Clair will be launching a line of antique-inspired, modern heirlooms at a price every woman can afford at a place, most women love to visit...Target!

On August 29th which is right around the corner, you can own beautifully designed pieces from a designer who produces fine jewels in the $6500 range for approximately $50 or less! And the styles are just as beautiful and have the same Renaissance signature look...she didn't skimp on a single detail.

This designer went from studying art and literature in Florence to running a jewelry line when one of her own personal designs caught the eye of a European Barney's Buyer. In business for 25 years, she's decided like many other designers to do a more mainstream line and take her brand to middle America and I love it! If you can dish out the dough for the Temple St Clair's main collection, it went on sale yesterday on her website. Her favorite? The charms, my favorite? I could actually take them all!

Happy Shopping!

Photo Credit: Fashionista.com


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