Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All the Trimmings of Autumn

By: StyleMayvin Staff Writer Shelby Christie

The bells and whistles of Fall are nothing short of “rich”…Rich in color, rich in texture, and rich in hue. One of the most recognizable trends would have to be hardware. This is a great pick to add a little edge to any ensemble. Studs, chains, and metals incorporate color and texture into one, so they should be paired with subtle pieces. Hardware is all about contouring your look with contrast, feminine versus edge is a classic example. Try putting on a pair of leather studded hand gloves with your trench coat; you keep the feminine silhouette of the coat while gaining that extra “oomph” from the studded leather.

One of the most versatile and interesting hardware pieces I’ve seen out and about is the studded handbag. Stylist Rachel Zoe seems to agree with me on this one, she placed studded handbags on her “Top Ten Fall Must-Haves” in the current issue of InStyle magazine. Another great fall accessory, that I love to embrace, is a cocktail ring. These come in all kinds of colors and styles. Chunky, assorted rings can be paired with a sleek outfit to become a center piece. Refined, more structured rings can be worn with casual get-ups to sweeten things up. Cocktail rings tend to have that vintage feel; they always give you a timeless look. I spotted a great one in Melanie Lynn’s “Ring Eclectic” collection, available at Nordstrom’s. I loved the different hues and materials combined in the ring.

Now, for those who have been searching for that thing that will add the “va-va-voom” into your wardrobe, look no further than…the evening shoulder bag. These little bags pack a lot of punch; they can be cloaked in quirky patterns, lathered in metallic leathers, and even slathered in sequins. The Sequined shoulder bag has trumped them all this season; the sequins give the bag a liquid appeal. The bag will also provide an excellent texture contrast to the heavy wools and downs of the season. Although small, this shoulder bag is always eye catching, they help give a “going out” look to any outfit.
Fall has truly offered up a platter of perfection, we have all sorts of shades, sequins, and studs to choose from…But for those of us who don’t like to choose, let’s just add on all of the trimmings and trappings of Fall!


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