Thursday, September 30, 2010

Charlotte Fashion Week - 2010

This year was my inaugural appearance at Charlotte, NC Fashion Week. Not having attended before, I wasn't really sure what to expect but I must say, I had a fantastic time! It definitely doesn't hurt when you're honored to sit in the front row for each and every show either... My interns and I were front and center for all of the fashions shown from NC and beyond. A very special thanks to the Founder of CNCFW, Anthony Simons and Plitz Fashion Marketing for everything.

Here's a great recap written by one of my Interns/Assistants and StyleMayvin Staff Writer Shelby Christie. I truly love my interns and their writing so keep reading and enjoy!

Charlotte’s Fashion Week at its Finest

Charlotte’s third annual Fashion Week kicked off Thursday Sept. 25th, and boy was it a feast for the eyes! It took place at the Urban Garden in the Bank of America building, located uptown. The venue was beautiful and befitting; The Urban Garden was an interpretation of a modern garden amongst a metropolis setting, a perfect backdrop for the show…Yet it paled in comparison to the Fashions! The looks I enjoyed most on this day were presented by O1NE Boutique. They were first up to rock out the runway, and their garments were marvelous! O1NE’s style was a mix of skater fashion with high end tailoring and quality. It was quite refreshing to see a different approach to a genre of fashion that we tend to stereotype. I absolutely loved the spin on the old school Members-Only jacket. Owner Satish Cherian did a great job of displaying his skater-chic philosophy.

Reign fine apparel finished out the show with an array of gorgeous gowns and evening wear. I think it is safe to say that all the fashionistas in the crowd lusted after the same look I did…a bronze, sequined, back-less mini. You can never go wrong with that kind of get-up!

Friday’s fashions were just as fierce. My absolute favorite was a collection called Kotani Rae. The ENTIRE collection was spectacular! It was a tribal print inspired line that included vibrant colors and modern designs. The designer mentioned that she lives in Harlem NY, where she sees a lot of different Kente clothes. She said that this was what sparked her creativity and vision for the line.

Saturday was the last day of the fashion week events. The collection by a pair of designers based out NY, called Huckle and Gatsby offered great display of textures. Their line had an assortment of funky shades and tones of fabric. A collection by Bill Evans graced the runway and I absolutely adorned his well tailored trousers! Lil Kim also sent her new line of clothing down the runway for viewing. I liked the
intense structure of her garments. A lot of the pieces in her collection played with texture and shape. My favorite was a reptile dress with a fish tail detail down the back. All in all Fashion week was quite a treat…and I know all my stylistas will agree!


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