Monday, September 27, 2010

Colours to Complement

By StyleMayvin Staff Writer: Shelby Christie Colours to Complement

Being the Fashionistas that we are, we all know that style is not to be confined to just our garments… But should be translated throughout our overall look. Fall fashion has taken a fancy to the practical approach of finishing a look by adding nail color. Nail polish is a great way to pull together a look, by offering a visual display of your “quirkiness”. Painted nails are a great way to add a little bit of “you” to any look!

The autumn season is full of rich colors. Usually the shades of nature set the general tone for fall fashion, but this season has taken a turn for the better. Jewel tones are a great color palette to consider. One of my personal favs is turquoise! This allows you to easily transition from a playful summer shade to high luminosity fall tints. OPI offers an excellent hue called Cuckoo for Color. Hardware and metals are definitely in on the accessory front of fall fashion, so why not rock a set of punked-out pointers?!

A metallic shade will give a textured effect to your nails. For those of you, who may be a little leery of this bold move, just remember that metallic colors carry that feminine touch of sparkle we all love! A great beginner color for those of you interested in the metallic look is offered by Dior Vernis nail polish, called Black Sequins. The gun-metal shade is a bit softer than a pink or purple, yet the shimmer in the polish will offer some depth. You can find this polish at Nordstrom’s.

These next set of tones are both timeless and functional. Neutrals are the most versatile of the bunch this season because although they may not pack a lot of punch pigment wise, they are totally workable. You can sport these tints with almost any ensemble! Wear a neutral nail with a fun “out on the town” look to tone down or pull together a bunch of funky pieces… and get this, You won’t have to second guess yourself when you’re walking into the office the next morning. Your nails will be ready for that evening to office transition. Neutrals are definitely a no-fuss option. They are great for you busy gals as well; once you chip a nail, don’t worry!
Because these colors are flesh-toned you won’t have to slow down to do any touching up.

Fall is known for the depth of color it offers to us, and without a doubt purple is a great hue to display this; Designers, like Chanel and YSL, have offered up these regal shades on their runways and in their cosmetic lines. Purple is a great way to go! It is dark and rich which gives it that provocative look. It is also a great
alternative to a black polish because it adds that touch of majesty, minus the grunge. So next time you decide to add some colour in your life, don’t look any further than your fingers!


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