Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hot Pants That Really Sizzle

This look, like most trends, isn't meant for everyone but I have to say that I love it! The vintage inspired panty worn as outer wear might seem a bit much to most and I'm not sure if I would personally be "allowed" to sport it anywhere other than maybe a runway but I AM sure that I could pull it off in almost any setting!

We first began to see this look in Spring 2010 but you must be a very confident personality to wear them. And guess what? The designers loved the look so much they've even given us a couple of options on "Hot Pant" styles. The High-Waisted hot pant is a personal favorite because it shows off the sexiest of legs giving a WOW factor and is also high enough to control the tummy when needed. Then there's the mid-cut hot pants which starts just below the belly button. Although it's a really great complementary piece when merchandised properly, I still prefer the dramatic look of the high-waist version.

Now that we are officially into fall, it's time to put our hot-pants away but just for a time. Next Spring, pull them out again...some designers have already shown them as part of their looks for Spring 2011 with a more romantic flair. Don't you just love re-merchandising? It's almost like reinventing yourself and I'm always excited to create some new, fabulous look each season!


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