Monday, October 25, 2010

Mitsubishi and the StyleMayvin

My followers know, I don't usually do car reviews but I thought hey...the fashionable ladies who don't live in NYC or some other major city must be driving around in style so it's important for them to Stay in the KNOW...on the most stylish rides!

For 2011, Mistubishi takes it's line of crossovers to an all new direction and don't be surprised if you see them in all levels of price brackets very soon. The Outlander's a takeover mission. With the crossover market growing, especially among the Generation Y buyers who are always looking for affordable, fun transportation, Mistubishi introduces the Outlander Sport.

On a recent trip to Cabo San Lucas, I...the StyleMayvin was among a few of the hand picked websites and publications selected for a superior driving experience with Mitsubishi's new 2011 Outlander Sport and I had a BLAST! Along with my drive partner Tim who writes for High Snobiety and a few other great people, we drove across Mexico on over an hour long drive, gazing upon the breathtaking views and dodging the cows that randomly cross the road without warning...interesting experience but thoroughly impressive.

For starters, the sleek yet aggressive front end styling gives it a presence demanding look without being overdone. In true style and fashion, it's accessorized appropriately. Mitubishi's Product Strategy Manager, Brian Arnette says this design is only the beginning of brand recognition in the street. The ergonomic design inside doesn't have a ton of buttons however the focus is more on the "touch points". Here's where Mistubishi really considers the driver. These "touch points" are areas that the driver has to touch regularly to navigate the car like the steering wheel and shift knob so both are leather, not plastic. And it's a very nice leather too! The one touch start/stop engine switch means, searching through your purse for keys and the Passive Entry Systems add to the "addictive features" of the vehicle. The only thing I missed was a special place to actually put my purse! I mean, the Gucci needs it's own spot to rest right? Maybe they can add that feature especially for me?

One feature that I absolutely loved is the glass sunroof. It's HUGE...and it has LED light rails that have 3 settings for mood and ambiance. The colors available can even coordinate with your look for the night! It's a fun and creative feature that adds a super hot element of design. To top it off, the vehicle also offers the FUSE hands free link system that connects to BlueTooth. Drivers can plug in their contacts on the navigation system and all of your music from an iPod or even a simple thumb drive. With this feature, drivers are able to use voice recognition to hear all of the music we love. Stylistas...let me tell you, in this car, not only will we look good when we step out of it, we will look fab driving it. Now...who wants to be the talk of the town?

Thanks so much to the Mistu team! After enjoying the Outlander Sport drive, experiencing all the vehicle has to offer, loving the amenities of the same ME-Cabo resort on Nikki Beach where celebs like Diddy, Adam Sandler and Tara Reid have partied, the shopping, dinners and major entertainment that was literally as HOT AS FIRE and the most relaxing spa experience EVER...I certainly look forward to the next one!


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