Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Taste of Tweed

By: StyleMayvin Staff Writer Shelby Christie

Tweed blazers have a chic and timeless look that is perfect for the fall. It offers you men’s-wear appeal blended with an equestrian flare. You can prep it up with a crisp collar shirt, or rock it funky with a chunky scarf. Tweed blazers vary in cut and patterns. Boden offers up a great looking blazer with pocket accents for a steal at $198. When choosing a tweed blazer yourself, here are three major things to consider…Pattern, sleeve length, and cut.

The larger the pattern on the blazer, the bolder the look it gives off. This style may be a great option for a tall woman. The statuesque woman’s frame can handle the depth of the pattern without looking drowned in a bulk of print. When choosing a sleeve length you want to be mindful of your height and of the blazer’s function. If you want to wear layers underneath your tweed blazers you should go for a full length sleeve because quarter length sleeves don’t allow for long sleeves to be worn with it. Quarter length sleeves are a great option for petite women. It will allow her to have the classic look of the tweed blazer, without appearing overpowered by too much fabric. Plus, showing a little skin never hurt! Now for the most important detail to consider when choosing a blazer... The cut. This rule will apply for all shapes and sizes of women: look for a well-tailored blazer that is cut with a cinch in the waist. This will create curves for any type of shape and create a waist as well.

Whether you wear it funky or button it up Prep-school style…DO give this classic a try!


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