Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Fashion Survival Kit

Written by StyleMayvin Staff Writer: Shleby Christie

I have 3 simple ways to avoid any type of wardrobe crisis during your holiday festivities. I know planning and coordinating can sometimes leave your holiday outfit at the bottom of your to-do list…But with these easy steps you will have a no-fuss, festive look for your holiday gatherings.

Tip one is to consider a cardigan and it put it together with simple pieces. If you have a tailored pair of pants or even a sleek pair of jeans they should serve as your foundation, alongside a basic cotton tee. These items are simple, which allow you to be very bold in the cardigan you choose to accompany the look. When looking for a cardigan keep your eye open for color and slight detail. Try a simple solid color cardigan with ruffle detailing. For a more festive feel try a cranberry (great alternative to the usual red) colored cardigan. For the ultimate glam cardigan go for the sequined cardigan. It is bold and will not clash with basic pieces like jeans and a tee. There is a great one to consider by Forever21. It is a silver, sequined, number. Find it at

Tip two is to add a bold accessory. I recommend you stick with a necklace. It will be less fuss than a ring or bracelet. It will not be in the way while you are preparing food, greeting guests, ECT. Choose a chunky embellished piece. The size and bulk of the necklace will make the centerpiece of a more refined look, while the embellishments add some holiday glitz. When you wear such an assertive accessory you will need to be subtle with the rest of your look. Less is more! I found the perfect holiday accessory by Ann Taylor. It is a gold chain necklace that has pearls in varied sizes and rhinestones on it. It also has gold fringe on it to give you a little bit of edge. Check it out at

The final tip is to ALWAYS go to a good 'ol boot cut jean! In any situation that may arise during the holidays, that may prevent you from reaching your full fashion potential, a pair of boot cut jeans will save the day. A dark wash is the best for all shapes and looks less casual than lighter washes. The cut of the jeans will give you a shape without fitting to snug. My favorite pair is by Martin. They are a dark wash, stretch denim. You can get them at These jeans are great to pair with a dressy top or sweater for an effortless holiday look. Why not add on Tips one and two to have a fab, festive get-up!?


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