Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Legend Among the Locals

By StyleMayvin Staff Writer: Shelby Christie

Up and coming, Charlotte-based, designer Seantez is the master-mind behind a funky new clothing line! Materialistic Morphine Apparel is a brand that promotes the diversities and contrasts of life. Their newly released collection is appropriately named “Life Addiction” and does a superb job of executing a collection of clothing with street flair with a plush undertone. This is what the designer had to say about the inspiration for his brand, “The theme of Materialistic Morphine comes from my many materialistic ways and all of the things that I cannot live without.
Materialistic Morphine will be making an appearance TODAY at UNCC’s Nusic Fest November 30th to showcase their recent collection. If you are interested in checking them out more info on the event can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=349665875754#!/event.php?eid=131267106926442. But don’t worry Fashionistas! If you can’t make it out to Nusic fest you can head on over to www.materialisticmorphine.com to shop, view their blog, and more!

The line currently has their debut “Materialistic Junkie” tee available for purchase on the site. It comes with a complimentary logo pin and FREE shipping upon purchase! You should also stay on the lookout for their NEW winter collection next month. Seantez recently announced that “the winter collection will be arriving no later than December 27th”…But for those of you who are wondering about the spring/summer collection, keep up with the MAPH staff and their daily endeavors on twitter @MAPH_Apparel. This way you will stay posted on upcoming events, collections, and showcases!

Support this local designer and get your dose of Materialistic Morphine! I got mine!


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