Friday, November 12, 2010

Wrapping Up For The Holidays

By StyleMayvin Staff Writer: Shelby Christie

Most of us are familiar with holiday themed scarves…We have all spotted them on those unsuspecting fashion victims. The fire-truck red scarf hangs limp around their necks, adorned with knitted snowmen and ornaments. In worst cases the scarf is trimmed in some kind of faux fur that resembles “snow”. STEER CLEAR of those sorts of holiday scarves!

I have just the thing to replace them! Printed scarves offer you color and elegance. They are also a great option to have on hand to fend off the frost…Not to mention they are great for dressing up an outfit for holiday gatherings.

A print scarf will offer you a regal look. They usually have some type of gold stitching incorporated in them and this is what gives it a nice, soft sheen. Without making it appear glossy or shiny, the metallic stitching adds some depth and contrast. I would recommend you consider a combination of neutrals when searching for a printed scarf for yourself. This will allow you versatility. You will be able to pair a neutral with almost anything in your closet…for any occasion you may need it for. Neutral tones also have the benefit of not clashing with the metallic embroideries. I discovered a great option at, for a steal! This teal paisley scarf is just $7.80. This is great, inexpensive, way for you to dress up your holiday gathering get-ups!


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