Born To Be ME!

TODAY is my Birthday! The StyleMayvin has graced through another fabulous year and my readers know, I usually don't go all personal and mushy out here in cyber space but my friends know me better. So today...I feel like sharing.

December 13th is the day that I was literally and figuratively Born To Be ME!

This little 3 year old girl...already a Fashionista even before the word existed, was said to be just a bit different (but in a good way). She is Me.

The ABC outfit has to be my all time favorite! I'm told, I chose it myself because in 1977, bell bottoms and a high waist were all the rage. Not only was the look super-cute, the ABC message also showed that just a few days after my 3rd birthday (hence the traditional b-day photoshoot), I was just as cute as my new stylish look but more importantly (in my little girl voice) "I am smart..." proudly telling the photographer "I already know my ABC's". Hair positioned and properly coiffed by my Mom, a classic stylista in her own right (I learned from the best) and fully accessorized with my new gifts-- a beautiful necklace, bracelet and ring. I must say, I admire this child.

I always looked at this picture and wondered if "the little girl" was happy the day of this shoot (the first of many to come) because of the rigid stance and smile-less look on her face but now, as I look closer, I see a DREAM in her eyes... not to mention a wonderful attempt at a straight-faced, just-a-hint-of-teeth look (LOL...she totally perfects it later)... and I smile a huge toothy grin. Forever a BIG dreamer and apparent lover of all things fashion, I wish I could whisper in her ear, assuring her (in my big girl voice) "everything turns out EXACTLY as you dreamed it would. Oh and one more little just keeps getting better as the years go by!

Happy Birthday to Me!


  1. Happy born day, Tasha! LOVE this proof that we are who we are as children. Just a smaller version! Wishing you continued success & blessings on your endeavors. I've witnessed your career's transformation and am INSPIRED by how you juggle it all (work, love, family, friends).

    Keep shining BRIGHTLY, sis!



  2. That's some hott little 3yr old!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!!!


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