Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fake = FAUX Fabulous

What if you were the owner of one of the following brands: Gucci, Fendi, Coach, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Jimmy Choo or Chloe? Would you like to see your company's percentage of 20 Million American dollars simply disappear? I. THINK. NOT.

Purchasing fake or counterfeit products of any kind is FAUX fabulous! Period.

For years, Harper's Bazaar has been working to expose criminal activities connected to the sale of counterfeit products through an initiative called "Fakes Are Never In Fashion™". Now, I know that most designer handbags are out of the realm of affordability for most but that's ok, as you all know, StyleMayvin is more about the actual design and style of an item versus the label and price. If you are in the tax bracket that can afford to purchase $1000+ handbags, by all means, go for it!!! However, if not, don't assume that purchasing a "look-a-like" will be just as good because it wont. Did you know that the sales from fake products fund sweat shops, drug cartels, child labor and sometimes even terrorism? I didn't know that myself but thanks to a recent email we received, StyleMayvin is now In the KNOW... that you KNOW too, here's a great way to do your part!

  • Don't purchase fakes. Simple.

  • Support your favorite designers by learning how to spot a fake. I've been told that even upscale shops have been guilty of selling counterfeit products. *Clutches Pearls*
  • KNOW your product. Do the research and be aware of where the label stitching should be, if the logo should be on the metal parts of the bag like the zipper, snaps or buckle among other signs of authenticity.

  • Beware of online auction scams. I personally don't purchase what I cannot see prior to spending my money unless it's from a reputable site.
  • Remember, if the price is too good to be probably is.

  • And lastly...if you want to be a concerned citizen and blow the whistle on an operation you have first hand knowledge of, report it at

So now that you KNOW... What will you do?

Photo Credits: FakesAreNeverInFashion


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