Monday, January 24, 2011

First Lady in Red

I have been a fan of Michelle Obama's fashion sense from the very beginning and this Alexander McQueen dress just reminded me of how much I love having a smart, stylish First Lady.

Because I don't believe in spreading negativity...especially not when the reputation of fashion is at stake, I will not comment on why people are analyzing why she wore this particular color or this particular designer for the state dinner with the President of China. I think that sometimes fashion is all about fashion...that's it! No more. No less and in this case Mrs Obama got her look 100% right! Apparently, she could also take a little stab at designing as well. Mrs. Obama slightly altered this full skirted gown designed by Sarah Burton of the London house Alexander McQueen which originally came with short sleeves. I personally love the show of shoulders and the slight asymmetric neckline. Cudos First Lady!

Keeping it stylish...and keeping you In the KNOW... --StyleMayvin

Photo Credit: The New York Times


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