Monday, January 24, 2011

Flawless White

I've said this before but my absolute favorite item in my closet is my white blouse(s)! Honestly, I love almost any white shirt but this spring, the key item to have is a white blouse. Beside the fact that it pairs perfectly with EVERYTHING, it creates a look of "effortless style".

This entire look from Moschino's Spring 2011 collection right down to the dark shades and rolled up "mom jeans" is trendy yet classic. The perfect mix!
If you want to drop close to a $1000 on a shirt, well this is the one for you. The Annabeth Pleated Linen Shirt in an homage to Victorian design by Ralph Lauren is available at Neiman Marcus.
I have white shirts that range from expensive to an under $20 purchase so it's not necessarily about the price tag but more so about the look. For a polished, chic look pick up a stylish white's definitely a Spring 2010 essential.


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