Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy 2011 Everyone! Just because the holidays are over, that doesn't mean the celebrations need to end!

I'm all about being dressed to the nines, even when you don't necessarily have any special place to go. I always say, if you leave home...make sure you look like it. Put it a little effort and it will always pay me! So with that in mind here are a few great style ideas for 2011.

Sequins: This is one of my favorite looks! At one time, wearing sequins were reserved for evening events but I believe a little sparkle in your day, can go a long way! This look from JC Penny ($86.99) can be dressed down with a blazer or cardigan sweater and a pair of shoe booties.

Sometimes after the Holidays, people get a bit depressed...maybe you spent too much money on Christmas gifts and that credit card bill sent you into toxic shock, maybe the cold weather gets you down...but whatever it is, COLOR can always brighten your day! Pick a vibrant color that matches your skin tone best and rock it! One of my personal favorite colors is purple and because my #1 silhouette is (let's all say it together...) "the one shoulder look", I thought this top would be absolutely perfect for me! Not to mention...the price would make you put away the credit card and pull out the almost forgotten method of payment...good old cash! At $29.40 from , this look is perfect for a day of shopping or a night out with the girls.

Metallics: Why not go for high gloss shine in 2011? Metallics are eye-catching and when done right, you can bring attention to all the right places. Whether you go for a top, skirt or dress, metallics definitely turn up the volume of your look. This Metallic Croc Print Dress by Michael Kors (available at for $150) is GORGEOUS! The exposed front zipper gives it a very "on trend" look, the belted waist will accentuate almost any figure and the metallic croc print...simply GENIUS!
Ring in the new year with any or all of these fabulous new styles and trends. Stay In The KNOW for 2011 with StyleMayvin!!!


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