Thursday, January 6, 2011

People's Choice Awards 2011

The People's Choice Awards aired on CBS last night and although I didn't catch the entire show...I saw the most important part (to me)...THE RED CARPET FASHION!

Hosted by Queen Latifah, who had about 4 or 5 really nice wardrobe changes (two thumbs up to her stylist). In my opinion, her best look was the strapless, white Grecian gown. Flawless!

The "Blue" Carpet was a bit lack-luster to me but one reality star who never disappoints, Kim Kardashian top my list of best dressed celebs! The hair, accessories and shoes complement this dress perfectly. BRAVO!

In 2nd place...Model - Niki Taylor... I am a firm believer in the elegance of a black gown or LBD for formal events but as I always say "Black should never be basic" and the eye catching neckline on this dress says it all!

Rounding out my top three picks is Actress Tiffany Hines. One of the stars on the TV Series 'Lie to Me", name went for a unique dress that not everyone can pull off. The look... complete with feather and sparkle detail in one of my favorite colors simply makes me smile. AND... because I LOVE LOVE LOVE any opportunity to be a bit "different" yet trendy and chic all at the same time, she gets major cudos for wearing this leggy look!


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