Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Sheath Dress - Key Piece #2

The Sheath Dress is one of the most classic items you can own. I personally have the style in a few different lengths, prints and fabrics in my closet!

Many dresses are named for where you wear them like ball gowns and cocktail dresses but this dress, dating back as far as the 1950's, is named for it's fit. The word sheath literally means "close-fitting covering or case" so now you KNOW why the ladies (and men) look this look. Even Barbie wore this classic! If you love this look as much as you should and want to find a vintage print reminiscent of the always trendy Barbie, raid your Grandmother's closet, check out your nearest vintage shop or scout them out online.

If you want a more updated look, this simple yet chic design by Single available on ($129) has the required bust and waist darts as well as the classically cut neckline and short cap, the cherry on top--it highlights your curves with an eye catching belt!

One of my top style icons and Queen of classic style, Jackie Kennedy Onassis favored the Sheath Dress because of it's nipped waist and often paired it with a pill top hat or jacket. Almost any accessory complements the sheath dress and because it can be worn at virtually any time of simply can't go wrong with this look.

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